simplicity is beautiful

Last year burnt me out big time. I spent my days thinking about my next business move and my nights were spent waking up at 3am stressed the heck out. So, I took a step back, to really think about life, where I was going and what really makes me happy. That turned into a major rebranding and the realization that I was letting my work become all of who I was.

You probably won’t believe it, but it was while watching (and crying a ridiculous amount) an episode of 60 Minutes, about the lost boys of the Sudan, that I realized I’ve been living life all wrong. That my life goals were superficial and truly meaningless in the grand scheme of things. I had become so caught up in what society has taught me to find joy in. I took a look around at the pretty things that surrounded me. Half of it had no purpose. And, at that moment, I reminded myself that if I keep adding more and still not feel fulfilled, then maybe, just maybe, I’d be happier with less.

I now live life slower and relaxed, each moment is so much more meaningful and I care a whole lot less about what others are doing or what they have. I’ve also purged a massive amount of “things” that aren’t a necessity. Everyday, I strive for simplicity.

Remember a few weeks back, when I shared the inspiration behind my minimalistic, "undone" shoot with Caroline Joy? Well, this is the life I’m working towards. Understated, authentic and joyful, everything life should be. 

Photographer: Caroline Joy | MUAH: Makenzi Laine | Calligraphy and Paper Goods: The Weekend Type | Model: Leah Nobel of Zephyr Talent | Creative Direction, Styling, Design, Flowers: me | Location: Heritage House and Museum, Pflugerville, Texas