Michelle Boyd Photography

Creative Direction | Styling

Each year, I take on a handful of weddings where my role is creative director and stylist. I will accompany you every step of the way from choosing your venue, building custom inspiration pages, sourcing and creating one of a kind pieces and so much more. With me by your side, no detail will be overlooked.

It’s my responsibility to take your vision and all the ideas we’ve dreamed of and make it come together. I will work with your vendors to ensure every last item is set to plan. You will also find me assisting your photographer in making sure each shot is captured and that you and yours are set looking perfect in front of the camera.

I even love teaming up with planners and coordinators! So, no sweat if you’ve already hired one. Many coordinators handle the logistics and timeline, while I focus on the look and feel of your wedding. Your planner and I will work hand in hand while making your wedding day dreams reality.  

Floral Design

Nature isn’t pretentious, nor fussy. It’s authentic and clean. In nature, we find art. And this is where I find my inspiration. The timeless, organic, graceful beauty of nature is the starting point of my floral designs.

Creative Sessions

Give me one day and I’ll give you every last detail to pull your wedding vision together. You’ll receive custom inspiration pages, detailed plans and vendor recommendations. From here, you can decide if you can carry out the plans yourself, hire someone else or me to make your vision come to life the day of.

Photo Shoot Design | Photo Styling

Whether you are a photographer looking to team up on a shoot or bride needing help on your engagement session, I can help you get the ideal shot. I will create a concept, location scout, source materials and be on set to ensure the shoot looks and flows as planned.